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Angkoo Kuih


250g glutinous rice flour - sifted
1 tbsp tapioca flour
75g steamed sweet potato - mashed
3 tbsp sugar
1-2 tbsp corn oil

150-200ml  hot water
  few drops of  colouring
Banana leaves - cut into small circles and greased
Corn oil for glazing

200g split and skinned green peas - washed and soaked overnight drain well
150g sugar
1-2 tbsp corn oil
2 pandan leaves

Mix (a) in a large bowl. Make a well in the centre and add corn oil and (b). Mix well and knead to form a smooth but not sticky dough.

Divide dough into equal portions and roll into balls. Flatten each portion slightly, add a small ball of filling. Pinch and seal the edges. Lightly dust angkoo mould with glutinous rice flour. Press each ball of dough into the mould. Knock mould lightly against table and the angkoo will slide out. Place each angkoo on greased, cut-out banana leaves.

Steam angkoo over boiling water for four minutes, then open the lid and continue steaming for six more minutes or till cooked. This will ensure that the pattern comes out sharp and clear after cooking.

Remove angkoo from steamer and brush lightly with corn oil to prevent them from sticking to one another and also to get the sheen.

To make the filling: Steam green peas in a steamer for 20-30 minutes or till soft. Mash the green peas
Heat a non-stick pan, add in all filling ingredients and stir till mixture is almost dry. Remove the pandan leaves and leave aside to cool. Roll green pea paste into small balls and set aside to be used as filling.

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