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How to make Belacan  and Cincalok at home


Basic ingredients:
Shrimps ( local name - bubuk)

1.Choose FRESH and small shrimps.( Shrimps must be fresh )

2. Wash the shrimps clean with SALT water  if the shrimps are dirty but preferable avoid washing the shrimps unless very necessary. Do not wash with ordinary water.

3. Then, mix  the shrimps with salt. The right amount of salt will make the Belacan last longer and most importantly,  will not produce bad smell.

4. Keep the mixture in a container or bucket (depending on the quantity) over night , wrapping it with a special transparent plastic wrapper.

5. On the next day, take it out and dry  under the sun. This drying process would takes about 3 days depending on the weather. Keep them in the fridge  end of each day and continue the drying process the next day

6.Once it is  semi -dried out, the dried shrimps are then blended or pounded into a paste before continue to be dried under the sun for a day or two.

7. The shrimp paste is then  sliced into cubes or any shape you like.

8. Belacan can be eaten with green vegetables and is usually used as an additional flavour in cooking.

Make Cincalok at Home

Basic ingredients
Shrimps (bubuk) must be VERY FRESH.

1. Do not wash the  shrimps.  In order to make Cincalok shrimp must be very fresh.

2. Mix salt and sugar into the shrimps. Sugar must be more than the salt.

3. Keep the mixture overnight  in the refrigerator or 24hrs.

4. The next day, cincalok  is ready and can be transferred into containers or bottle..

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