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Ingredient A:
160 green pea flour
300ml water
20 pieces pandan leaves
(blended with 600g water)
1tsp alkaline water

Ingredient B
200g palm sugar ( gula melaka)
300g brown sugar
300g sugar
300ml water
3 pandan leaves
750ml coconut milk (from 3 coconuts)

Method A: ( Ingredients A)
Soak green pea flour with 300ml water for 6 hours. Cover with a wet cloth
Blend Pandan leaves with 600ml water and strain. Add in alkaline water then add in the soaked green pea flour. Stir well
Cook over low heat till it become a paste form.
Fill some icy cold water and ice cubes in a stockpot. Place a grater on top. Pour past on to grater and grate. When the paste falls through the holes, it becomes chendol.

Method B ( Ingredients B)
Place sugar, Pandan leaves and sugar in pot. Cook till sugar dissolves. Off heat and strain. Add in coconut milk and chendol. Serve with ice cubes or shaved ice.

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