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Chipa ( Glutinous Rice Balls)



250g rice flour
200g glutinous rice flour
60g sugar
400ml water

300g peanuts (roasted and milled)
100g sugar

1. Stir fry rice flour over low heat for 45 minutes till cooked thoroughly. Keep on stir-frying the rice flour. If it is cooked, it feels smooth to the touch. Do not fry over high heat, otherwise the flour will turn yellow. Set aside.

2. Add water and sugar into glutinous flour. Mix well.

3. Rub some soil onto steaming tray.

4. Pour the batter into the tray.

5. Steam over high heat for hour till cooked. Set aside to coll.

6. Remove the glutinous dough. Pour onto cooked rice flour.

7. Cut out a small portion of glutinous dough.

8. With lightly floured hands, spread out the dough into a thin piece.

9. Stuff in filling and wrap it.

10. Coat with cooked rice flour and serve.

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