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Chai Kuih / Choi Pan

An award winning  recipe 2007,2008

Level of Difficulty - Very Difficult for Beginners especially to the get the right wrapper skin texture.

250g rice flour
3 tbsp tapioca starch
300-400 ml boiling water
2 tbsp oil
Filling : (or as anything you like -  Mang Kwang Gui choi or salted vegetable)
500g Mangkwong (Vietnamese Manioc available from Asian grocery shop)
5-6 pcs Mushroom (chopped)
100g chicken flesh or minced meat
1 stalk Spring onion
1tbsp garlic (minced)
1tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 tsp salt
Dash of pepper

Wrapper Skin (New method- This is the method I innovated / created and am now using)*
Mix rice flour and tapioca starch together. Add hot boiling water, stir till a dough is formed. Dough should not be too sticky. If sticking to the hands then too much water, add more flour immediately..
Cover for about 10 minutes for dough to cool slightly  and cooked.  Then add oil and knead quickly into a smooth dough.


*Old  Method for making wrapper skin (some still use this method and I find it  more messy cos the flour will stick to the pot if not careful and wasteful )
Mix rice flour, wheat starch and water into a pot. Keep on stirring whilst cooking till it becomes a dough. Add in oil and knead to a smooth dough. Cut into small dough weighting 50g each

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Wrapping the dumplings:
1. Shape small dough into half circles.
2. Add 1 portion of filling into each wrapper. Fold from both sides to form a pouch shape.
3. Steam for 15 minutes.

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