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Kueh Lopes

Ingredients A
450 glutinous rice (soaked till soft)
tsp pandan juice
⅓ tsp salt
grated white coconut
Few banana leaves
1 raffia string
Few drops green and yellow colouring

Ingredient B
200g sugar
2000g palm sugar
2 pieces pandan leaves
250ml water

1. Cook all ingredient B till sugar dissolves. Keep aside.
2. Drain glutinous rice. Mix with Pandan juice, salt and colouring.
Steam for 5 minutes till it is half cooked
3. Place glutinous rice in banana leaf. Roll into 2 inches diameter strips
And tie with raffia string. Steam for 30 minutes till cooked.
4. When cooled, cut with a thread. Coat with grated white coconut.
Pour sugar syrup on top before serving.

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