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Yau Char Kway  - Traditional No Ammonia
adapted from  asiangarden2table with modifications. ( updated 10th Oct 2018)

1 tbsp/15g double acting baking powder
2 tsp salt
tsp/1.5g baking soda
1 tbsp/15g cooking oil
1egg * see notes below
1 + 1/8 cups/275 water
3 cups / 450 all purpose flour

1. Dissolve the salt in the water in a mixing bowl.
2. Using Chop stick beat the  egg  together with  baking powder, baking soda and  oil
3. Add in water and finally add in the flour bit by bit.
4. Mix  all the ingredients together
5  Knead for about 3-5 minutes using your hands,  the dough need to be wet and sticky at firs but will eventually
   smoothen out . Add a little flour if necessory
6. Put the dough into a plastic bag and sealed with a rubber band.
7. Keep the dough in the fridge overnight or at least 12 hours
8. The next day take out the dough and set aside about 2 hours to cool to room temperature.
    The dough should feel very much softer than the day before.
9 .Brush some oil onto a working surface
and roll the dough out into a long rectangle block about 1/2 in thick
10. Cut into 1 x 2  inch  strips.  Place two strips, one on top of each other. Do the same for the rest of the strips..
11. Heat oil in a kuali. to about 400 degrees Celsius. Take the strips and press lightly on the two strips of dough with a chopstick. Holds both ends of the dough and stretch and twist gently  the strips before lowering it into the hot oil. Deep fry, turning constantly until each  cruller turns puffy and golden brown.

1. Adding egg will increase  and strengthen the gluten structure
2. The you tiao must be deep fried with 2 strips glued together. If you fry with one strip the result will not be good.
The you tiao will not have the big hollow  rings inside. It is amazing how our Chinese ancestor can invent such simple method using simple ingredients.


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