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 ( *1kati about 600 gms)
10 kati cucumber
kati (308gms) peanuts (dry fried and pounded roughly)
kati  (308 gms) garlic  (sliced/fried/dry)

2  kati sugar

1 yellow ginger (pound/fried
10 Chilli/sliced
a piece blechan (pound/fried)
4tah (154gms) dried prawns (pound/fried)
1cabbage ( 2kati- optional if desire)
 2bottle vinegar
ginger (sliced/fried)



 Boil vinegar and sugar over low fire until a bit sticky
 (about 50 minutes)
Off fire . Put in cabbage (optional if used) when vinegar cooked.
The rest of the ingredients only when vinegar is cooled.

 *cabbage( optional if used)- wash, wipe dry and tear in big pieces
cucumber slice,marinate with salt for a while,
 squeeze out water, dry for a while   under the sun



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