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Kek Lapis Sarawak (Layer Cake)

* This cake consist of 2 parts. The internal design layer and the external outer layer top and bottom layer. It is actually two cakes merged into one cake

Ingredient A for inside the cake
200 grams of butter
3 tablespoons condensed milk

Ingredient B for inside the cake
5 egg yolk
3 egg white
150 grams of castor sugar
100 grams flour
1 tablespoon ovalette (this is required as no leveling agent or baking powder is used)

*Ovalette is a stabiliser used in baking sponge cakes. It helps the eggs to rise rapidly and stiffly.
As it is acidic it also helps the beaten eggs to remain stable and not lose the airy and voluminous texture.
It makes sponge cake softer and smoother.
Ovalette is very important in the recipe if you want it to have a nice, even soft cake texture. Substituting it with baking powder(1/4 tsp of baking soda ) is also possible but it won't give you the desired texture if you have beaten the eggs mixture too much or too little. Baking powder can only give you minimal cake rise. If no ovalette you may use other kind of stabilizer called jilk

Ingredient for the cake outer layer
300 grams of egg white (8 egg whites)
190 grams of flour
150 grams of castor sugar
1 tablespoon ovalette
250 grams of butter / margarine (dilute)
50 ml evaporated milk

1.Beat ingredients A till well blended.

2.Beat until fluffy. Then mix into the (A). Mix well.
3.Divide dough into 3 parts. Add green color to first part, then add red
   color 2nd part and add yellow color 3rd part.
4. Bake the first part, when almost cooked, add Part 2 and then Part make three layers.
5.When cooked, let it cool completely before cutting into strips then into squares shape or
   Keep aside.

A deep 7 x10 x 3 inches tray and the L- shape aluminum blankets
for splitting the cut square strips into triangle shape strips for
the internal design of the cake.


Method for making the outer layer
6. Beat egg whites until fluffy. Beat all ingredients except the melted butter.
    Finally, then add the melted butter .Mix well.
7 .Bake the first layer by adding 5 tablespoons of the mixture. When cake is cooked,
    arrange the  above color cut strips/triangles or squares on top.  Use condensed milk
    as the “glue” to hold the Sarawak layer cake design section together.
    Other cake makers  use jam to hold the layers together but then the cakes don’t
    last as long.
    Spoon in and spread  the batter mixture again.
    Bake again.
8. When cooked, again spoon in  and spread out the batter. Repeat this process until all the
    batter been used up.
9. Used tin mold  8˝ x 8˝ x 3 inches



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